Content Guide for A RIVER ENCHANTED

Please be aware that there will be ***SLIGHT SPOILERS*** in this content guide (although I have done my best to keep it minimal!).

Profanity: mild. Last time I counted, there were 4 curse words total.

Violence: there is a simmering level—or feeling—of violence throughout this story, as one clan on the isle is of a threatening and raiding nature to the other, who then kills in retaliation. As an example, the old ballad that depicts the two clans’ history is one where a husband and wife (from opposing clans) quarrel and then kill each other, which initially sparks the unbalance of the isle.

The most triggering scene I would like to point out is that a female character is physically assaulted. It is not sexual, but this still might be triggering to some readers. This scene can be found on pages 151-152. 

The underlying mystery of the entire novel is that young girls are disappearing on the isle. It can be unsettling in some instances, so please be advised that there is a sinister undercurrent throughout the story, which involves kidnapping.

There is a scene where a raid occurs, and warriors steal livestock and set fire to a family’s home. 

A male character is wounded during the raid.

Another male character has their throat sliced with a blade and bleeds out.

Cutting: there is a scene where two characters willingly draw shallow cuts on their palms and forearms, in order to test the enchantment of a blade. This can be found on pages 335-337.

In another scene, a character cuts someone (with their approval) in order to ensure they cooperate. This can be found on pages 409 and 410.

It is also mentioned throughout that some married partners take a blood vow, where palms are cut and then fastened together.

Loss & Grief: parental death, mention of stillborn children, loss of children

Sexual Content: there are three mature scenes in the book. The scenes occur between consenting, married adults. I would rate the encounters a 6 out of 10 on the heat scale. The focus is on emotions rather than graphic actions. For those who would like to skip over these scenes (they are not long in nature), they can be found on the following pages:

First scene: pages 356-357

Second scene: page 385

Third scene: pages 432-433   

This is all that I have rounded up for the content guide, but if you have read the story and feel like something else should be added, please contact me and I will update it.

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