Book 2 has a name! I honestly can’t wait to tell you all more about this story (which will hopefully be soon!). Also, the cover reveal should be happening later this year!

So there’s actually an interesting tale behind this book. I originally sold TQR + 2 companion books to HarperTeen. When it came time for me to draft companion book 2, I did, and yet I disliked it so much that I scrapped it and rewrote the whole thing, only to find that I was unhappy with this manuscript as well. I remember being in a near panic about it, because I needed to hand something over to my editor, and yet I wanted that something to be my best.

A little over a year ago, I was sitting on my back deck throwing the Frisbee to my dog, thinking about my Book 2 woes. I had a journal on my lap, and I decided that I would try something that I hadn’t entertained before, which was writing book 2 as a sequel.

I wrote the first line in my journal, reuniting with Brienna, picking up where TQR left off. And then I wrote another line…and the scene began to unfold so vividly I had to run inside, open a word doc and begin typing it down.

This story literally poured out of me.

There was a spark again, that same spark that I had felt when I drafted TQR all those years ago. The can’t-eat-can’t-sleep spark of a draft. I drafted this book in 24 days, and I cried my eyes out by the last scene (don’t let this alarm you—the tears were caused from the euphoria that comes with finishing a story you are proud of, a story that you love).

All of this to say, I adore this book. It is everything I want my second book to be. And I hope you’ll enjoy it.



PS—The Queen’s Resistance is on track to be published February 2019

About Rebecca Ross

I write fantasy novels for young adults. Out now: THE QUEEN'S RISING and THE QUEEN'S RESISTANCE. Coming up next: SISTERS OF SWORD & SONG, publishing on June 23, 2020 with HarperTeen/HarperCollins.
The Queen's Resistance


  1. Annomunus says:

    Thank you so much for writing book two as a sequel!!!!!!

  2. Sasha Rhodes says:

    So exciting!

  3. Clara says:

    Just went through a lot of emotions while reading your post and now I am dancing with joy ! Just finish TQR and had an absolute favorite for it ! Soon I am joy that book two will be a sequel !!

    Also, February 2019 is way to far ahead 😉

    Thank you for Brienna and her story !

  4. Rachel says:

    I can’t wait either your first book was so good that It has twists that I never saw coming like who her father was I really thought it was someone else, so great job and can’t wait for the sequel

  5. Katey Elenitsas says:

    I just finished both books and I absolutely adore them. Thank you for writing something so wonderful! I’m

  6. sonrisas esbozadas says:

    I wish I had the book in Spanish.
    I love the story!!!

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